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RECs offers a unique opportunities for renewable energy producers to unbundle the physical electricity and environmental attributes (aka REC). While the physical energy can be sold at par with conventional electricity in open market, RECs can be sold separately through a market based mechanism. RECs can help RE generators create an additional pool of revenue and hence better IRRs. We are India's largest REC trading company since 2012 and offer services related with entire REC lifecycle to RE generators. Our services includes support in obtaining Accreditation, Registration, Issuance and Trading at power exchanges (IEX & PXIL). Read More

Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) is an instrument through which every consumer of electricity is mandated to consume certain % of energy from renewable energy sources. Since tracking every consumer is practically not possible, the obligation is passed on to power distribution companies (represents majority of consumer base), captive consumers (who meets part/full power requirements through their own generation) and open-access users (consumers procuring power from open market). We at REConnect are working with large number of bulk electricity consumers to help them assess RPO liabilities, plan procurement of green energy or RECs, file annual returns for RPO compliance and also carry out long-term RPO liability planning. Read More

Knowing how much power your wind or solar power plant would generate over next few days holds many advantages. For example, it can help you optimize O&M activities, better power sales strategies, keep a closer watch on power plant's performance and to also meet regulatory compliance. We at REConnect are using patented technology and state of the art algorithms based on machine learning to carry out wind/solar power forecast. Our fully integrated web-based platform not only helps clients to keep closer to real-time watch on forecast performance but to also have better control on project's overall performance. Read More

Power market is constantly evolving. Evolving for good, where bulk consumers can now select their choice of supply either through power exchanges, inter-state open-access, intra-state bilateral trade or using available roof-space to generate solar power. But choosing a right option can get messier if a corporate holds industrial facilities in many different states with each facility having a peculiar power requirements. Great variations in state specific power policies can add up the complexity. If you are a corporate like this, REConnect is the perfect partner you can engage with. We offer services starting from budgeting, planning, procurement (PX, Bilateral, RE, Off-Grid) and execution. Read More


Latest news


  • REC Facilitator of the Year

    Being the market leaders in the REC Market in India since 2011, with a current portfolio of over 3 GW of projects, spread across 16 states and a market share of over 33%, we have always shared a good reputation among our clients, who have trusted us throughout these years for the quality and scope of services we have delivered. In acknowledgement of the same, we have been awarded with REC Trader of the Year 2014. Visit us on LinkedIn to know more.


  • Wind Facilitator of the Year 2014

    It has been a long journey since July 2013, when the RRF Mechanism came into force. The services we provide under RRF has been highly challenging, considering the scope of work involved and the expectations of the stakeholders. We currently have a portfolio of over 1100 MW, across 30 Sub-Stations in 6 wind rich states in India. In cognizance of our efforts to become the first Indian company to foray into Power Forecasting with high focus on the quality of services, we have been awarded with Wind Facilitator of the Year 2014. Visit us on LinkedIn to know more.

  • Media Coverage of REConnect

    REConnect has recently found mention in some of the media articles about the power sector, of  prominent newspapers across India.Read more


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REC Trade Results – June 2015

MPERC Proposes to Revise Open Access Regulation

HPERC Proposes Tariff for Solar Projects

JERC for Goa and UT’s Determines Tariff for Solar Projects

JERC Finalizes Solar Ground Mounted & Solar Rooftop Regulation

GERC (Gujarat) Proposes Tariff for Solar Projects



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